Banners/Links & Images

$50.00/Item Placed in articles or videos.

This is a one time listing with a banner, link or image you provide. These are displayed one time during live stream videos, and are placed permanently on the specified article.

Monthly Business Plans

For a plan designed specifically for your  business needs,  contact us Here  for a complimentary consultation.

*pricing is customized per clients request*

Video Advertisement Placement

*One Placement per entry

*For multiple placements of the same ad, contact us Here

10s video ads = $50.00

20s video ads = $75.00

30s Video ads = $150.00

90s Video ads = $200.00

120s Video ads = $500.00

*Ads are in seconds, you must provide the edited video to publish Click Here For non-included Video Production Services (Be sure to mention Arizona Metro)

Annual Advertisement

Integrate into every story and video we publish. Your links, images and video content will be an automatic part of our publishing process.

Please reach out to us Here for a complimentary pricing consultation.


We Support You!

Let us help you  in getting every detail looking just right for articles and video advertisement space.

For the People By the People

We have made advertisement affordable so our  Arizona residents are able to have their voices heard!

Strategic Data Driven Placement

We analyze the best possible places for your advertisement to reach the audience it is intended for.

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