Community Standards-

  • No- Slandering, Libel, Defamation of Character or Profanity.
  • Equal Protagonist and Antagonist Viewpoints-
  • Citations Mandatory for all Quotations or other article references-
  • Answer Who, What, When, Where, How/Why. 
  • Pathos, Ethos, Logos. 
  • Have a clear message
  • Transparency 
  • Neutrality 
  • Unbiased


Accuracy that is verifiable and with a credible source. (the language of such assertions must be precise.  identify the source and explain why that person or organization is credible and authoritative.   The burden is on us to ensure that the way we use the material we collect — sound, photos and words — is true to their intended meaning and context. 

  • We tell stronger, better-informed stories when we sample a variety of perspectives on what we’re covering. The best reporting draws on the experiences of experts, influential figures and laypeople from across the demographic spectrum.
  • our journalists have been cautioned by their editors that an all- too-common pitfall of fact checking is verifying “facts” through second sources, such as other news media outlets, that do not have “direct” knowledge about what they supposedly know. The problem has only gotten more serious as the Internet has made it ever easier to find what others have reported as “fact.” That’s why we value primary sources for our facts and we check them before broadcast or publication. And we value the work of the NPR reference librarians in helping our journalists get to those original sources (to email them, look for Reference Library in the NPR internal email address book).”

Writing Format-

  • Title
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • 500 word minimum 
  • Punctuation used
  • Spell Check
  • Two Images

(Data used must have a source that verifies its accuracy)

Any member that has submitted any content must follow these community standards and format that has been provided. Any content found to be in violation of these standards will be removed until the content has met the standards listed above.

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