Simple & Free

One Link For Life

With a growing technology industry world wide, experts have been able to fine tune applications and websites to help society with a variety of functions. 

If you use Zoom, we are sure you have had some rather annoying problems during your experience. 

Host getting kicked out and losing everyone in the room…..

Different link for every time you schedule a new appointment…..

Clients not being able to connect video or audio…

The list goes on and on. Not to mention, with the free version you are limited by time and how many people are allowed to be in the meeting space.

Meetn, is literally a “Grass is greener on the other side” moment that could change the landscape of how individuals and businesses choose the digital meeting space they need. 

Here are three reasons why you should make the switch.

1.Custom Meeting Link Forever

2. Unlimited Time In Free Version

3. 100 People limit in Free Version


Beyond these simple reasons the web-development world should have a field day with the ability to create their own extensions for the system that can either be shared publicly for other users or monetized individually to be sold for the consumer market. Here are three more reasons to help you start your free account today.

  1. Zoom and Google can only integrate with calendars that specifically support them. MEETN, on the other hand, offers evergreen room URLs of your choice, so you can integrate with ALL calendar systems.
  2. Zoom can’t share browser tabs.
  3. Zoom charges a prohibitively-expensive $7500 for 10,000-person meetings*

Meetn Is For patriots!

MEETN is U.S. owned and they don’t make deals with communist countries. Also, as they add more social-media features, they promise to respect FREE SPEECH. Watch the video to learn all about MEETN and why MEETN is, indeed, the patriotic alternative for online meetings.

The days of frustration can be over! Take the leap and zoom over to MEETN for a better service designed to work easily with your business applications and digital needs. Having unlimited time and 100 guests for free for life is the best decision you can make for your wallet. When you’re ready for the additional services simply upgrade at that time. You can even become an affiliate and help other people find a better virtual meeting space for personal and business needs.